Founded on a wintry February night during America's bicentennial year of 1976, the Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club proudly promotes America's oldest surviving breed of horse. From its very beginning, the Club has promoted inclusiveness – embracing both amateurs and professionals, traditionalists and modernists, small farms and large stables, show and sport. In the Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club, all members of the Morgan family are always welcome.

The WMHC has been honored 8 times as the number one Morgan horse club in the world by the American Morgan Horse Association, most recently in 2017, in recognition of its great generosity and dedication in promoting the Morgan.

Full of pride in its achievements and plans for the future, the Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club invites you to take part in its many activities. Enjoy meetings with speakers and demonstrations, a monthly newsletter, a first-rate show, a nationally advertised and distributed sales list of registered Morgans, a parade unit, special historical presentations, good fellowship and more!

Come! Visit the Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club, its members and its beautiful and friendly Morgan horses. 

Experience the "Pride and Product of America!"