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4th of July Parade, Witwen, WI, 10:30 a.m.-Sponsors and Participants Needed!

The WMHC has a very active parade unit, coordinated by Darcy Overturf, DVM, which participates in summer parades in the region. This year's schedule is as follows:

July 4 - Witwen at 10:30

July 21- Baraboo Circus Parade at 11:00

Sept 1- Sauk Cow Chip Parade at 12:00

Sept. 16- Wisconsin Dells Wah-Zwa-Wa Days Parade at 1:30

If you are interested in participating, whether on horseback or as a volunteer/sidewalker/flag bearer, please contact Darcy at (608) 434-3595, or speak with her at our next meeting on May 20th. 

We are also actively seeking sponsors for our unit.  Your company name and logo will be carried on a banner at the head of the unit.  These parades have huge crowds and this sponsorship is one of your best value for dollar marketing investments available.  


Witwen 4th of July Parade

Witwen 4th of July Parade